anticontent is my home on the web. It's a place to think aloud, share scrappy thoughts – and occasional more polished ones.

I work in creative communication and media. I help organisations and their people find their voice, telling compelling stories that engage their audiences – often about technology, one way or another.

I often work in marketing teams, but don't think of myself as a marketer. I love to work alongside designers, engineers, thinkers – people thinking and doing interesting things. Not that those aren't marketers too some of the time.

I'm not an influencer and I'm not web famous. I'm not interested in being star of the show. I want to help and enable people doing good and interesting things to share what they're doing. And help them to make those things better.

But I also like to faff about with the internet and media generally. Bit of a tinkerer. Bit of a creative generalist. Stick around – you'll see. 💛

– JH