Calendars are kind of broken

Tell you what. Calendars are kind of broken, aren't they? I don't know about you but I don't have one calendar. I have a work calendar, and all its sub-calendars and shared team calendars. And my personal/home calendar and it's sub-calendars and shared family calendars. And I have a few more here and there for, for example, online groups and cooperatives I do creative things for and with.

There's no single source of truth for what's going on in my life. I could plug them into an app, but then I'm tied to that device. I could try to plumb them into each other online using the various standards and protocols. Those a great, but again, they're a faff – there's a ton of intertia to actually doing it because it'll be painful, and will it work anyway?

Or maybe they're not broken, and they just feel it? Maybe there is a great way to organise all your stuff that's happening in one place you can look at wherever you, with whatever device you have. But I doubt it. I think I'd know about it.

I reckon what I'm asking for is for online calendars to talk to eachother at the account level, not the calendar level. Oh, you're over there too, are you? Great – here are all your calendars there. I'll pop them in the sidebar here and you can turn them on and off. And they'll appear in your list of calendars if you want to add a new event. Could it be that easy? I don't really see why not, if you build the tools the right way. Maybe that's what it is: a calendar fit for the Fediverse. Not sure…