Obligatory Spotify Wrapped post

Everyone's sharing their Spotify Wrapped thingies at the moment, aren't they? I think I must have missed my pop-up on mobile, but desktop Spotify has made a nice Your Top Songs 2022 playlist for me which I think I might fall back to this month as there are some lovely things on it. It's 101 songs and nearly 9 hours long. Is that normal, the 101 songs thing? Anyway, sharing that feels a bit more me than a social media-optimised snippet.

I actually flipped to Apple Music for most of this year before switching back to Spotify in the last few weeks. So I think there's a lack of variety which reflects how little I used it. I'm pretty sure there are things in here I only listened to once. There's a fair bit of Plaid, which isn't surprising – I love them. And some Coldcut and other Ninja Tune stuff which is no surprise having got back into that scene after Coldcut's Matt Black did weekly streams on the Coldcut Twitch channel during lockdown.

There's also a lovely lot of Skurken – discovery of the year, from my point of view. Unless it was the year before – time and all that. That discovery also comes by way of Mixmaster Morris, who popped up as a guest on a few of Matt's streams. Do listen to Freezer (Spotify link) if you haven't heard it. It might be my favourite piece of electronic music ever. (He has new material out, I believe. I must have a listen. In fact, I'm pretty curious about that whole label and how they do things – Touched Music.)

The big surprise is (as far as it looks at a glance) a total lack of Boards of Canada. I'm sure I'll fix that in 2023.

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