East 23: Judy will be exhibiting three of her excellent prints at the East 23 exhibition. It's at the Bank Arts Centre in Eye, Suffolk. It runs 31 May to 22 July. If you're in the area, do go. It's a lovely venue. Coffee, cake, chairs – that sort of thing.

Running: 5K training is going well. I'm training for distance, not time, which is a great way to get back into it. 5K isn't far if you're a runner. It is if you're not. And though I ran a 10K race last year, it feels plenty far enough for the time being. I haven't got to the point where I'm enjoying it as much as I was last year, but getting there.

Book blurb: Wrote the blurb for the back of a book today. It was a surprisingly fun thing to write. I thought I was just going to pinch from the introduction and foreword. But actually, when I came to actually do that, nothing quite seemed to fit. Makes sense when you think about it, though. The reader need glancing at the back of a book is quite different from the introduction and foreword. To borrow arcade-game parlance, at the back of the book you're in attract mode. If you're reading a foreword or introduction, you've probably bought the book and want to know what to expect, if you read them at all.

Work blogging: I did an unusual thing. I wrote a post for the work blog. I'm ultimately responsible for the blog, but I don't run it, and we try to get as many people to write for it as possible. But not only did I write it, I drafted it in Wordpress and didn't bother to get anyone to review it because it was just links to stuff from the work #accessibility Slack channel. No preamble, just the kind of scrappy blogging I want to do much more of. If we show by doing, hopefully more people will do the same.

Garden progress: We've been doing a lot of summer prep in the garden this year. Projects include a big shade sail over the patio. We've had to dig holes to cement in a couple of posts to tie the garden-side to. We've dug away the raised earth which used to be a rockery and used it to level other areas, and fill in some holes dug by Stanley, our late whippet. It's taken us over a year to have the heart to do it. The resulting bed has flowers and shrubs planted. We've planted some rose bushes along the borders too. And scattered some seeds in the wild area of the garden, digging up patches in grassy areas.

Drone fun: Me and LT (daughter, 9) finally got round to playing with her drone she got for Christmas. It's one of those inexpensive toy ones, and perfectly safe to fly indoors. The batteries only last for 7 minutes of flight time, but it's enough for a bit of fun. We played a game where you have to take off, hover over a designated area, then land safely on an elevated bench. Surprisingly difficult, as it's light enough that the merest air current will drift it off-course. Even in a room with the doors and windows closed.

Gaming: I've been back into Destiny 2 lately. I glanced at the first part of an article by Keith Stuart in The Guardian. It's about Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, so I didn't read far in case of spoilers. (Judy's playing it first.) But he says: “For several years, I’ve been writing about how experiences such as Fortnite and Minecraft are no longer games to play but places to be.” And I think that's what keeps me coming back to Destiny 2. It may be very grind-y and the story is hopeless, but the world-building is fantastic, and it's fundamentally fun to play – especially in match-made coop modes. Think I'll stick with it – maybe even till I can get at Tears of the Kingdom, which I suspect will be months from now.