One of the best bits of my job is helping people who want to write, but are a bit nervous about doing it. Thought I'd make a note some of kinds of things I share with people to encourage them to give writing or blogging a go. Some of these are responses to questions, which you can probably infer without too much bother. (Sorry, time is short!)

No need to be nervous! Although they're not always a bad thing. People who are a bit uncertain very often write the most interesting things in my experience!


I can support as much or as little is needed to get the post to where you're happy with it.


The beauty of blogging is there aren't really any rules. But shortish is never a bad thing, and this might be an opportunity to practice? But that said, sometimes interesting details can turn a good post into a great one, so maybe for this you could aim for high level, but dive into more detail in a few areas you think are most interesting?


No need to overthink it. If you find the words are flowing, trust that and go with it.


If the words get stuck a bit, I can help with that too.

And finally:

A story with a beginning, middle and end works really well, but don't sweat it if it doesn't pan out that way :)

So, you know: those sort of things.